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S-Span Buildings

In the 1950s, a truly unique building system was introduced by Behlen known as S-Span.  The support strength of an S-Span building is formed into the corrugated steel wall panels.  With no interior frames to work around, S-Span building interiors are attractive and uncluttered.  The system is perfectly suited for hangars, arenas, exposition centers, and other buildings that require large clear spans.

Speakers, lighting, and other equipment can be bolted directly to the ceiling.  Plus, the energy-efficient design of the roof allows a high R-value to be achieved. There is almost no limitation in facing materials that can be used on an S-Span Building.

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Frame Buildings

Don Gardner Construction is proud to be an authorized Behlen Building Dealer and has received numerous awards during its 45-year history with Behlen.  Many of our Behlen-Engineered frame buildings have received recognition as a Behlen Building of the Year winner in several categories.

The Behlen team of “GOOD IRON PEOPLE” is well known and respected for their close attention and detail in engineering and manufacturing.  Behlen Steel is known for fitting together right the first time, speeding the construction process, and increasing the building economy.

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